History of Mead

Mead is one of the oldest beverages in the world, with over 20,000 years of honey fermentation history behind it. Mead was brewed everywhere from Greece to China and beyond! Mead was a popular beverage for people of all classes until sugarcane was introduced and honey became less popular as a sweetener in the 1300s. Monks kept making mead, since they had to make beeswax candles, but the tradition has only recently been revived as the public appreciation for sustainable, local beverages grows!

How Mead is Made

Mead is fermented from honey with water and yeast, like beer is fermented with grains, water, and yeast, and wine is fermented with fruits (typically grapes), water, and yeast. To make the beverage, mead-makers will mix honey with water, then add fruits or spices to get the desired flavour. Then, yeast is rehydrated and added to the mixture. The mead ferments, then is transferred to a secondary container for back-sweetening (additional fruits or juices can be added now) and aging.

Pollen Angels History

Pollen Angels was developed from the desire to make a fruit-sweetened mead that would be popular not just with wine and craft brew fans, but with others who might be curious about what mead is like. Different flavours were developed to appeal to different types of drinkers, and based on our initial market testing, refined.