Pollen Angels at the 2014 UNB Homecoming

On September 27th, 2014, we attended the UNB Homecoming wine tasting event. The event consisted of patrons trading tickets for glasses of product from a handful of vendors, including (but not limited to) Sunset Heights Meadery, Red Rover Brewing Company, and Gillis of Belleisle Winery.

At the event, we served:

Queen’s Nectar (7.5% ABV, apples and honey)
Denim (5% ABV, blueberry)
Tart’n (5% ABV, cranberry)
Naughtea (5% ABV, green iced tea)
Shipwreck (5% ABV, dry-hopped)

For this particular pouring, the crowd favourites were Shipwreck and Naughtea, with Tart’n also proving to be a tough act to follow.

While the atmosphere was more intimate, different from that of past events and pourings, we still thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and introducing them to the wonderful world of mead!

Our next event is the Fredericton Poutine Festival, and we can’t wait to meet a whole new crowd of people!