Our current permanent expressions include Queen’s Nectar, Plaid, Tart’n, Denim, MeadMosa, Naughtea, and Shipwreck.

We also have seasonal mead expressions, and you can read about them on our Seasonal Meads page.

Please note: not every expression may be available in your pub or restaurant of choice. More details on our On Tap page!

Queen’s Nectar

7.5% ABV

Honey and apple… where it all begins.


7% ABV

Maple delight… direct from the sugarbush to your glass.


5% ABV

Cranberry splash… tart it up a touch.


5% ABV

Blueberry… Forever in Blue Jeans, babe!


5% ABV

Orange juice and sparkling mead… our Angel of the Morning, heavenly at any time!


5% ABV

Green iced tea… our very own recipe with a kiss of vanilla.


5% ABV

India Pale Mead… if mead had traveled around the Cape, it might have tasted like this!

Our current India Pale Mead.